Dementia affects an individual on many different levels, including emotional and physical difficulties. It can be a challenge to remember things and the person may have less body strength. The individual may also feel unsafe and anxious, even when inside their own home. This is why an individual in Lancashire who has dementia needs support and care in their home environment. Below we share four common challenges in the home that individuals with dementia can face when living alone.

1. Dangers in the home

There are many potential dangers in the home when an individual has dementia. This can include trips and falls due to loose rugs, burns from using the gas stove, and safety issues related to hot water. It is important that the home environment is safe and that the individual has a trusted individual within the home to reassure and assist them.

2. Where to find things

One common challenge is forgetting where an object has been placed in the home. For example, a box of tea bags or a pair of slippers. This can cause frustration and distress. You can help the individual by adding labels to cupboards, providing signage or lists, and by using open shelving when possible.

3. How to use a specific item

Simple household tasks can seem incredibly difficult when you have dementia. Tasks such as using the kettle, microwave and washing machine may seem impossible as technology is constantly changing. Support with household appliances and gadgets can help an individual to be as independent as possible in their own home.

4. Lack of body strength

It can be difficult to lift and carry things around the home, such as washing and a heavy saucepan. Dexterity can also be difficult, so writing, using scissors and opening jars can be troublesome. A home care service that offers support and adaptable tools can help with these issues.

Here at Caring Hands, we provide a range of dementia care services in Lancashire, which include live-in care and home care. To find out more, please get in touch today.

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