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How home care services help after hospital admission

When an elderly parent is admitted to hospital after a fall or illness, then it’s important that you think about support once they return to their home. If you work and have family commitments o...

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The importance of a healthy diet in older adults

We all know that we are what we eat, and that our diet has a direct impact on our physical and mental health. As we age we become more vulnerable to infection and viruses and a good diet can help prot...

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How home help can alleviate loneliness in older people

Loneliness is a growing concern among the older population, and especially in older adults who have dementia or who are disabled. Loneliness not only affects the older person’s physical health, ...

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At-home care vs external care: Why at-home wins every time

Many families in the Lancashire area will reach a point where they may need a little help to care for a loved one. It could be an elderly parent who needs help with daily life or a younger relative wh...

Looking for signs of dementia and depression in loved ones over Christmas

Looking for Signs of Dementia and Depression in Loved Ones Over Christmas

Between the children opening presents, mince pies and TV specials, we should also be watching out for signs of depression and dementia in loved ones this Christmas, the NHS has advised. Throughout the...

5 tips for Keeping Older Adults Safe During The Winter Weather, at Caring Hands we can help you care for a loved one

5 Tips for Keeping Older Adults Safe During The Winter Weather

Forecasters have released a series of weather warnings for snow, ice and freezing rain across parts of the UK and we want to make sure we keep our local communities safe. The bitter cold weather that ...

Direct payments giving you more flexibility over your care

Direct Payments – Giving you more flexibility over your care

If you or your loved ones receive help from social services did you know you can apply for direct payments? This payment option can let you choose and purchase the health and social care services you need yourself.