As we age we become less active and for people living with dementia, physical exercise can be a challenge. So how can we help to encourage physical activity in the person with dementia? Well, there are a number of things that we can do. We share some of these ideas below.

Have fun with dance

No matter what our age or ability, we can do some form of dance. Encouraging an old person with dementia to join a ballroom class for older people can help to stimulate memories through music. There are also now many Zumba classes that are dedicated to older people with dementia. If you are unable to attend the class with your loved one, then a home care service can do this for you.

Go for a walk

This may seem very simple, but going for a daily walk is a wonderful way to exercise and it won’t cost a penny. Older people can spend a lot of time sat down and this can lead to aching and stiff joints. It’s a good idea to go on a daily walk that is at the same time each day, and the same route which is familiar to the person with dementia. This short walk can be easily incorporated into your daily schedule.

Do exercise at home

If leaving the home is particularly challenging then you can always exercise in the home. This can be something as simple as doing stretches from a sitting position or even walking around the house. You can also find exercises for the older person to do at home on YouTube. A home care worker can encourage and assist with exercise in the home.

Arts and crafts

Physical activity isn’t just about exercise, but it’s about engaging with the body and mind to encourage activity and good mental health. Arts and crafts are not only good for dexterity and creativity, but they make us feel good. Encourage your loved one with dementia to paint, sculpt with clay or even do some flower arranging.

If you would like to organise extra care for your loved one with dementia at home then our dementia care in Lancashire services can help you. To learn more about our range of home care services, including our live in care services in Lancashire then please do get in touch with us today.

Photo: old love ... by Thomas8047 licensed under Creative Commons 4.0