Living with a loved one who has dementia can be challenging when it comes to keeping them safe in the home. The kitchen can be particularly dangerous for those with dementia for various reasons. These include leaving appliances switched on or knives left on chopping boards because of poor memory. A kettle or pan filled with boiling water may be difficult to lift due to reduced mobility and muscle weakness. Confusion can also mean that using appliances can be distressing. This is why many families choose to use a homecare Lancashire service.

Flood and fire risk

One huge concern is that of accidental fires and flooding in the kitchen. Leaving the tap running or forgetting to switch the hob off are real concerns for the individual with dementia. They may also have difficulty turning the tap or using the knob on the cooker. Installing a smoke alarm is an absolute must, but so is support and ensuring that someone is in the home to assist with any needs in the kitchen, such as preparing meals.

Scalds and falls in the kitchen

Scalds often occur when making a cup of tea. The kettle may be too heavy, or they may miss the cup, splashing hot water onto the skin. Scalds can also happen due to falls while carrying hot drinks. This is common when they have to navigate steps into the kitchen or when there are rugs. The kitchen floor needs to be free of any trip hazards and ideally, another person should be there to assist with making any hot drinks.

Issues of food safety

Individuals with dementia can forget to check the best before date on perishable food and often the fridge is neglected. This can obviously lead to some serious food hygiene issues and possible tummy upsets, including food poisoning. It’s a good idea to clearly label food with a date to be used and to regularly check the contents of the fridge. A home care service can assist you with these tasks.

Caring Hands provides dementia care in Lancashire that enables your loved one to stay in their own home. They will have the comfort of their own surroundings, be safe and you will have peace of mind. To learn more about our range of specialist home care services for individuals with dementia, then please do get in touch with us today.

Photo: Tea Break by L.Cheryl licensed under Creative Commons 4.0