If you or your loved ones receive help from social services did you know you can apply for direct payments? This payment option can let you choose and purchase the health and social care services you need yourself.

Your direct payment will be paid to you by the council’s social services department and you will use it to pay for the care and support you need.  Some people use their payment to pay a homecare provider, like Caring Hands, who can match you with the right carer and provide the perfect level of support for you in your own home. Others use it to employ their own personal assistant or care worker. The key to both is that you are in control of your support.

How do I access direct payments?

If you are applying for care services for the first time, your social worker should discuss the direct payments option with you when they assess your care needs. If they don’t make sure you ask them about this option. If you are already receiving care talk to your social worker about direct payment options. Many older people are taking up this option as it putting the control back into their hands – after all you are best placed to know what you need!

How do they work?

Direct payments go straight into your bank account; however, you can’t spend the money on just anything. Your local social services team will make sure that the payments are going towards eligible care services as agreed in your care plan with your social worker.

If you want a direct payment, but don’t want to manage it yourself, you can nominate a person to receive and manage the direct payment on your behalf – this could be a relative or a homecare provider.

The types of services you can use your direct payment for can include:

  • personal care, such as help with getting washed and dressed
  • housekeeping or domestic work, such as vacuuming, cleaning and doing laundry
  • help with cooking or preparing meals or “meals on wheels”
  • companionship

The length and type of care you receive will be dependent on your needs and wishes, but can include:

  • long-term 24-hour care
  • short breaks for an unpaid family carer
  • emergency care
  • day care
  • sessions ranging from 15-minute visits to 24-hour assistance (live-in care) and everything in between

Our team at Caring Hands Homecare have helped many people access and use direct payments to design their own bespoke support.

Speak to our expert team about direct payments, how to access and options of funding options. Contact us today on 01772 747386 or email hello@caringhands.co