When Dorothy said “there’s no place like home” in The Wizard of Oz, she wasn’t wrong. Some of our happiest moments are spent at our homes in the Preston area, with our friends and family around us, in familiar settings. We want to enjoy our homes for as long as we can, and as independently as we can. That’s why we provide our range of services, offering care at home, throughout Lancashire.

But what makes live in care such a great option for people who need a bit more support?

1) Stay in their happy place

Preston regularly features in the top 10 lists of the happiest places to live in the UK, which is why we offer homecare Preston residents can rely on. Live in care is a great alternative to going into a residential care home, whether it’s for young adults or people needing dementia care at home. If someone you love needs a bit of extra assistance in their everyday life, you may have thought that residential care was the only option, but in a familiar environment like their own home, they can receive the care they need in the place they’re happiest. They’ll be comfortable and considerably more relaxed than in an unfamiliar setting, and the whole family will enjoy the reassurance of knowing there’s someone there to look after them when needed.

2) Continue to make their own choices

Being independent isn’t just the act of staying in your own home – it’s all about being able to make your own choices. The reassurance of home care means your loved one will receive the assistance they need, 24 hours a day, and still make those key decisions about how they choose to live their life. They’re in control.

3) A helping hand when they need it

It’s not just about companionship, although that is a real benefit of live in care. A live in carer can help out with the practical tasks, such as preparing medication, helping with household chores, and arranging days out or accompanying them to social events wherever they are in the Preston area. It could be anything from an afternoon at The Harris library to a walk around Avenham Park, or even a game of bingo – whatever takes their fancy!

4) No difficult goodbyes

Staying at home also gets rid of the upheaval which everyone would encounter if residential care was the only option. There’s no heartbreak at saying goodbye to beloved family pets, treasured possessions, and valued routines.

5) One to one attention

Even the best care homes would struggle to give the one-to-one attention you’d get from a live in carer. CQC guidelines don’t specify a minimum number of carers for residential homes. This means that many residential care residents are left waiting for their turn when they need assistance. It’s just not practical for residential homes to provide a carer for every resident.

Of course, home is where the heart is. So, if you’re looking for nursing care services, Caring Hands is a great place to find the help you need.

We really do believe we offer the best live in care services Lancashire has to offer.

Photo: Grandma. by yomo_13 licensed under Creative Commons 4.0