Loneliness is a growing concern among the older population, and especially in older adults who have dementia or who are disabled. Loneliness not only affects the older person’s physical health, but it can be detrimental to their mental health. It is often thought that nursing homes can help to reduce loneliness in older people, but feelings of loneliness can actually increase. A much better option is to consider home care services, including live in care.

What the statistics tell us

Age UK has some shocking figures about loneliness in the older population. A staggering one million older people in the UK have reported feeling lonely often, or for most of the time. Nearly half reported that television is their only form of company, while forty per cent of older people feel out of touch with society and modern living.

What effect does loneliness have on older people?

There is a strong link between loneliness and poor mental and physical health. The Campaign to End Loneliness found that feelings of isolation and dislocation from society are just as harmful to older people’s health as smoking and obesity. So, loneliness is a social problem that needs to be tackled, and this is where home help services can play an active role.

Loneliness in the care home

Why do older people experience loneliness in a care home setting when they are surrounded by lots of other people? Well, this could be due to a number of factors. It may be because the older person feels resentful in being placed in a home and that it has been done against their will. An older person with dementia may not be able to fully engage with other residents. In other cases, a high turnover of staff may lead to problems in forming caring relationships.

The benefits of home care services in Lancashire in relation to loneliness

Care home services provide consistent care in the older person’s own home. This provides feelings of contentment and security. There are usually only a small number of carers who work on rotation, so that a trusting relationship can be formed, allowing the older person to talk about their feelings and day to day life. In many cases, the carer becomes a good and trusted friend.

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