When an elderly parent is admitted to hospital after a fall or illness, then it’s important that you think about support once they return to their home. If you work and have family commitments of your own, then your time will be limited, so using a home care service to help you during this period is a good idea. Below we share with you how home care services can help your loved one transition from hospital back into their home.

Help with cooking and shopping

It’s a good idea to get additional help with shopping and preparing meals. Many older people when they return home from hospital will need rest and won’t have as much energy as they did. Rehabilitation can be a slow process, and it’s important that they eat a good diet to aid their recovery.

Personal care needs

Mobility can be greatly restricted after following any fracture or fall. Movement may be slow, stiff and painful. This can make it incredibly difficult to get dressed, to shower and to wash hair. Home help services can assist with all aspects of daily care, which in turn boosts confidence and wellbeing.

A listening ear

If you work full time and are concerned about your elderly parent spending lots of time alone at home, then you’ll gain peace of mind when you use a home care service to spend time at home with them. They can help with any medications, general housework, but most importantly they can offer that much-needed listening ear and reassurance.

Moving around the house

Reduced mobility and a lack of confidence following a fall can all lead to difficulties when moving around the home. A home carer can assist with moving from one room to another, standing up from a sitting position and getting in and out of bed.

Here at Caring Hands, we provide a range of home care services that can help your loved one ease back into the home environment. To learn more about our care at home Lancashire wide services, including live in care, then get in touch with us today. We are happy to help.

Photo: Inauguración del Hospital Municipal de Chiconcuac by Presidencia de la República Mexicana licensed under Creative Commons 4.0