People living with dementia are likely to find it more challenging to engage in memory-based activities due to memory loss. Exposing your loved one to sensory-stimulating care is one of the most important ways to ensure that they do not feel left out. Such care also gives them a chance to participate in their hobbies. It is, however, crucial to understand that some of these activities may need to be modified. Our home care services will help your loved one engage in the following simple tasks.

Make gardening interesting

If your loved one likes to have fun in the garden, our homecare Lancashire workers will provide supervised outdoor gardening to encourage a variety of sensory experiences. We encourage regular patterns such as watering or touching the plants since such activities help to heighten your loved ones’ senses of what surrounds them.

Going for outings

Routine activities for people with dementia may occasionally get dull. Introducing occasional outings is one way that helps to create a sense of adventure for the elderly while giving them the power to explore. A Caring Hands worker can help with simple trips to the zoo or even fruit picking for areas within your home.

Work on colour pictures

A simple colour design is another way to promote sensory care for anyone with dementia. Ask your loved one to pick a colouring book during one of your trips to the stores. Our care at home Lancashire worker can then help to keep your loved one company as they experience the joy of drawing.

Using an Alzheimer’s mat for increased sensory stimulation

We also encourage the use of Alzheimer’s mat since it is one of the most effective ways to reduce agitation for any person with dementia. Sewing this mat helps to focus your loved one’s attention while also stimulating their senses. It also helps to engage hand movement. Our dementia care at home Preston workers can help you with this activity if you experience any safety concerns.

If you would like any additional home care services at Preston, do not hesitate to contact us. We also cater to homecare Lancashire clients for live-in care.

Photo: Garden by Julie Bocchino licensed under Creative Commons 4.0