We all know that we are what we eat, and that our diet has a direct impact on our physical and mental health. As we age we become more vulnerable to infection and viruses and a good diet can help protect us from becoming unwell. Advising and helping older people to eat more healthily is incredibly beneficial. If your loved one lives alone, then home help services can help them to maintain that healthy diet.

What exactly is healthy eating?

When we hear the term ‘healthy eating’ our initial thought is probably that of eating more fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. But, for the older adult, a healthy diet has a slightly different meaning. Older people need to eat a balanced diet, full of fresh fruit and veg that includes all good groups, including fats. The key to eating a balanced diet is all about portion size and moderation, and this is when a home help service can help to prepare food.

What foods should be included in a healthy diet?

As we age our diet can change due to taste issues or the fact that preparing and buying food becomes more difficult. It’s vital that certain nutrients and vitamins are eaten to maintain a healthy diet. It’s important that milk, meat and fish such as salmon are eaten regularly as they are all a good source of vitamin B12, which becomes more difficult to digest as we age.

Fruit and veg are all packed with Vitamin C which can help protect the body against infection and common viruses.

Iron deficiency is common in the elderly and is responsible for causing anaemia, lethargy and shortness of breath. That’s why it’s important to eat foods such as eggs, whole grains and red meat.

Recipe ideas

A home help service can shop for ingredients and prepare meals in the older person’s home. Good recipe ideas include soups that are rich in vegetables, scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast, porridge, salmon and new potatoes, shepherd’s pie and lasagna.

Here at Caring Hands we offer a range of home help services that can help older people, specifically those with dementia, with their dietary needs. For more information and an informal chat, then please do get in touch with us today.