Forecasters have released a series of weather warnings for snow, ice and freezing rain across parts of the UK and we want to make sure we keep our local communities safe.

The bitter cold weather that the winter season brings each year can put elderly people at high risk – we’ve put together 5 tips to ensure everyone is kept safe, warm and out of harm’s way as weather warnings alert the UK that a big freeze is on the way.

1). Suited and Booted

It can be hard to spot black ice at the best of times, slips on ice are a major risk for those with a visual impairment, Alzheimer’s and dementia so it’s important to wear shoes with appropriate traction.

2). Keep Warm Inside

Living in a cold house can be a great danger when it’s chilly outside – place the heating on a timer to ensure your loved ones home is warm, keep doors shut where possible and place a rolled towel in front of the doors to keep the draft out, close their blinds and curtains and ensure they have a blanket to cover their legs. Wearing socks and slippers whilst indoors will also help them to fight off the cold.

3). Bundle Up on Cold, Windy Days

If you can stay inside or in a warm place, a heavy wind can quickly lower your body temperature. If you must go out, wear layers of warm clothes, and don’t stay out in the cold and wind for too long. Remember to wear waterproof clothing if it’s raining or snowing to stop your clothes from getting cold and damp; if they get wet, change your clothes as soon as you can.

4). Avoid Electric Heaters

Electric heaters can present a fire hazard when they’re left running. Memory loss can make it difficult for a person to respond to emergencies, meaning help often does not arrive in time. Ensure your loved one has enough blankets and warm clothing that can easily be accessed.

5). Check-in On Your Neighbours

Winter can be a very lonely time for older people and they may not have friends or family close by to ensure they are well. It’s super important to reach out to older people who might be alone at this time of the year – take 15 minutes out of your day to visit a neighbour who lives alone to make sure they are safe and have the essentials.

Like most people, we all get cold every now and then during the winter. Being really cold can make you very sick; older adults can lose body heat faster than when they were young, making it harder to stay warm in the winter.

A big chill can turn into a dangerous problem, the team at Caring Hands are here to help and can provide you with outstanding home care: 01772 747 386