There is nothing more distressing in life than finding out a loved one is terminally ill. If they have received this devastating end of life diagnosis then it is an emotional time for all involved. This can lead some people to look at using specialist home help services to assist them. When it comes to round the clock, end of life care at home this is normally referred to as palliative care.

How can palliative care help your family?

Naturally, nothing can truly make the hurt and sadness you feel at this time disappear but palliative care can allow you all to cope a bit better. Here a few ways it could help.

Better quality of life

For the family member or friend who has received the terminal diagnosis, the main consideration is about making their quality of life as good as it can be. Palliative care services can help to do this and ensure they live the rest of their life in as much comfort as possible. The professional attention they get from experienced carers with the knowledge to help will prove invaluable.

Allows your loved one to stay at home

Many people who contract a terminal illness wish to spend their remaining days at home. This not only allows them to be happier but also be surrounded by their home comforts. Palliative care at home enables this to happen by giving them the care they require but not in a hospital setting. Using home help services like this also keeps the whole family together in the property and allows you all to spend more time together.

Support and reduced load for family members

Naturally, the main focus of palliative care is around the person who needs care. However, this service is also valuable for any family member who needs the support and compassion expert care staff can offer. With someone who has experienced the situation before to chat to, it can be very useful for those living with someone who is dying. Of course, using an external palliative care provider also reduces the physical workload and mental stress of caring for someone with a terminal illness on your own.

Let Caring Hands give the help you all need

If you are based in the Preston area and need professional, compassionate palliative care services then call us today. Our knowledgeable staff have many years of experience of providing end of life care while our plans are tailored to fit your personal circumstances. Get in touch today for more details.