At Caring Hands we pride ourselves on our abilities to provide person-centred care and make sure we listen to our client’s wishes. We strive to be the best in our field and we can only do this by working with the people we care for to continue to better our services. Below we have shared with you the results of our 2018 Client Questionnaire.

The client questionnaire gathers client’s opinions on the quality of care and services which helps to:

  • measure effectiveness of the services we provide
  • provide data to progress our services
  • ensure delivery of high quality care that is safe and tailored to the individual.

About the survey

2018 Caring Hands Client Questionnaire Results

Percentage of respondents who gave the two most positive answers (‘good’ or ‘outstanding’) on:

We are extremely pleased with the overall score and will be working hard with our clients to improve on the areas which scored lower than 75%.

Clients also commented:

“My care is very good and I have no complaints.”
“Caring hands in my opinion go above and beyond to look after MB in the way she is happy with and is very content.”
“JO attends to my father, she is outstanding in her care and organisation of his needs, she has built an excellent rapport with a quiet man.”
“JH is an exceptional carer and is always helpful and goes beyond her job the other carers are also good at their job.”