One of the biggest concerns for carers who care for their own relatives is organising care when they have a dental or hairdressing appointment, or if they need to take a short break. A respite home care service is one option that is not only beneficial to the carer, but it can also greatly benefit the loved one. Below we share the many benefits of using a home care respite service.

No change in routine

One of the biggest advantages for your relative, especially those who have dementia, is that there will be very little change in their daily routine. Home care staff will work closely with you so that they can carry out tasks, give meals and attend to any social needs when they usually happen. This familiarity and carrying on with the usual routine is comforting and will help to alleviate any stress.

A personalised respite care service

Respite home care services are structured to meet the needs of the individual, so they are highly personalised. There may not be the need for nursing care but the individual may need help with preparing meals. This can easily be arranged and monitored during the length that respite is needed. The length of respite care is also discussed, it could be needed for just a day or a few weeks.

Daily contact with a trusted carer at home

When caring for the elderly or someone with dementia, it’s important the number of carers is kept to a minimum. This helps to build up trust and a good working relationship. This sense of trust is also enhanced because these tasks are being carried out in the familiar home environment.

Getting out and about

Respite care services can help with mobility issues and getting out and about in the local community. This may be for a simple trip to the supermarket, the hairdresser, or even to a local club. We can ensure the individual will be well supported in any of these activities.


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Photo: Hand in Hand by garryknight licensed under Creative Commons 4.0