Caring with a smile

It’s not what we do as a home care agency, but how we do it. All of our elderly caregiving services are delivered with a smile. And we all know that a smile can be infectious.

Attentive listener

How do you like things done? Where would you like to go? Listening to our clients needs and having conversations with them helps them to have a better quality of life.


We pride ourself on our staff and will always give them the best education and training on a regular basis.

Why Should you apply for care jobs at Caring Hands Homecare?

We are an well-established and highly-respected home care agency that cares about our clients and our employees.  We provide a stable and happy environment to work in with extended education and training opportunities. At Caring Hands Homecare, we like people to not just feel like an employee but feel a part of the business.

What types of shifts do you offer?

We are constantly growing and have a wide variety of shifts available. We have long shifts, short shifts, day shifts and night shifts, as well as live-in care opportunities.  We’ll be happy to discuss what works best for you and try to fit a schedule around that.

Where are you based?

Our head office is located at the docks in Preston.  We currently operate throughout Preston, Lancashire and all the surrounding areas.  We will also have opportunities further afield for live-in carers.

Do you hire private contractors?

At Caring Hands, you are always considered to be part of the team.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are there for you at every step of your employment with us.

We look forward to hearing from you, apply now!


Please fill in the form below and attach any files that will be helpful in your application such as a cover letter and CV.